Berrys is all about relationships. Imagine a quaint town where strangers exchange smiles. At the end of the street, there is a patisserie. A place for respite, where you can pause, relax and engage in friendly chatter with family, friends and neighbors, set against the titter of children.

It’s that place, a sojourn, if you will,to getaway to, so you may appease your needs for that special treat you reserve for yourself; or maybe even with a friend for that much needed tête-à-tête. Private time, as you may call it.

Over the years, we have we have come to understand and appreciate our customers’ discerning needs. We share a special bond with our regular clientele, what we like to fondly call, the Berry’s Bond; these friendships were created over time, based on a foundation of trust and quality that transcends the exquisite breads and patisseries that we serve. Our patrons are very much a part of our lives, as we are a part of theirs.

Welcome to Berry’s Town, where every encounter is an experience.

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